My Baby


Thursday, August 7, 2008


I took my law exam yesterday. I thought it went fairly well. We'll have to wait and see. I then spent most of my day with Christian, which was fun. I worked today and aside from nausea all day and some cramps it wasn't horrible. I looked at the schedule for the next two weeks though and they already have me scheduled as a Pharmacist starting Tuesday and I don't even know if I passed. They also had me scheduled during Family Camp, which I requested off two months ago so that did not make me happy. If that wasn't enough the district manager told me that I would have a day shift and I was scheduled 12 and 14 hour shifts. So I had to write the DM and explain these issues also noting that I was pregnant and could probably work 10 hour shifts, but not 12 or 14. I don't think that she will be thrilled with my email. I still haven't received my letter about whether or not I passed my Naplex. I should get it any day now. Since Ben is out of town fishing this week I am going to eat dinner, watch some TV, and go to bed.

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