My Baby


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well I was getting ready for my first doctors appointment when my husband handed me the letter I was waiting for from the Board of Pharmacy. I opened it and....I PASSED MY BOARDS AND MY LAW exam!!! I then went to my doctors appointment. There was some question about my due date they thought I was 10 weeks, but did an ultrasound and I am only 7 weeks. I did get pictures of the little peanut inside me!! This also means I have 5 more weeks of the first trimester and more nausea to come. I thought I was almost done with that part. So it has been a great day. I am now officially a Pharmacist and I got to hear and see my baby. The heart beat was a healthy 148 beats per minute. My due date is April 2nd, which is awfully close to April Fools Day.

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