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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still OKAY!

So today is Sunday. It was a great Sunday. I was able to get up for Sunday school, church, and go to lunch after church! I still get nausea, but it has been 4 whole days that I have kept all my food down. Yesterday we went to the AWANA conference and the guest speaker was Steve Piggot. He was very funny and his message was on saying "Oh well" and finding the Joy in trials. I had been trying to find joy throughout these last few weeks because after all it is all part of the blessing God has given us, but sometimes it is very difficult. I need to learn to say "oh well" in situations that I can't control...which happens to be all of them, but I haven't quite figured this out. I also went to a great parenting class from the National Center for Biblical Parenting and loved the class. I didn't grow up in a christian home and the class was about discipline. I learned a lot and bought a book I started reading. I think it will be very useful for myself in how I deal with my own anger issues, and hope this will change my heart and how I will parent my kid(s).


Gerald said...

Indeed, saying "oh well..." when you're about to fling out some Blizzards out of your abdomen, is hard. ^_^
I'm glad to read that you're gradually getting better, and your baby is doing fine.

take care

Christian said...

I tagged you today, go to my blog to see what to do. Really, I just wanted you to post again!